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Most people are really nice but some stare, like you`re some kind of zoo exhibit and not a real person with real feelings. Even when you take away all the glamour and attention and premieres and everything, it still comes down to the fact that I’m acting.

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tenxrose quotes + moments

Poster Edition Part One: New Earth & Tooth and Claw

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au - After Lydia announces her engagement to Stiles, the Stilinskis decide to start a series of recording for their unborn child.

Part 2 of the Baby Stilinski Vlogs Series. (Part 1) Also, Sarah, you dig me.

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I’m going to rant so if you don’t want to read it, you can just scroll past it because I’m on mobile and I can’t put it under a read more.

So my friend is being bullied at school because of reasons I can’t say. She left her notebook in a class and when she got it back, someone wrote on the notebook to kill herself and other obscene things. So she went to tell the principals about it and guess what? They blamed HER for it happening. They actually said it was her fault for leaving her notebook there and allowing someone to write that. That is so wrong and I don’t understand what they were thinking.

How is in the world is it her fault for someone else doing that to her? That’s victim blaming and guess what else. They’re not going to do much about it.

I hate this school so much

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are you lost? can’t find yourself?

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30 day challenge | 3. favorite female
  ↳ Allison Argent

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Happy 24th Birthday, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

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Happy 24th birthday to the ever so lovely, Emma Watson!

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Time will change everything about this hell.